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Syston Bowling Club

"At the heart of the local community for over 85 years"




As a result of unification, the following competitions will be held:

Champion of Champions Competition (sponsored by Chris Meynell & Family, Independent Funeral Directors)

"Mick Hughes" 4 wood Club Singles Championship - Men

4 wood Club Singles Championship - Ladies

2 wood Singles Championship - Men

2 wood Singles Championship - Ladies

4 wood 'Maidens' Singles Trophy

"Anita Lowder" 4 wood Pairs Trophy

Club 2 wood Pairs Trophy

Club Triples Championship

"Syston Town News" 2 wood Triples Trophy

Warner "Aussie Pairs"  Team Trophy

Competition Rules

  1. It is a pre-condition of entry to Club competitions that all entrants shall make themselves available on a regular basis for selection to play in Thursday and/or Saturday matches.

  2. All competitions will be conducted in accordance with Bowls England and Bowls Leicestershire Rules for the time being in force

  3. Entrance fees, if any, will be determined by the Executive Committee of the Club.

  4. No substitution shall be permitted in a Singles competition.  However, the Competitions Secretary may, at his discretion, permit one substitute in a Pairs or Triples competition provided that the player concerned has not been involved in the earlier rounds of that particular competition.

  5. The Competitions Committee will consist of the currently serving President, Captain and Competitions Secretary of the Club.

  6. Unless the players concerned are able to reach mutual agreement on the issue, rinks will be selected by a draw of all the rinks that are available at the time set for the start of the game.

  7. All ties must be completed by the dates set by the Competitions Committee.

  8. The first named player(s) on the draw listing will be the Challenger(s) who must give the Opponent(s) three non-consecutive dates on which the tie might be played.  If none of these dates is acceptable to the Opponent(s) and agreement cannot be reached on an alternative, within the time frame set by the Selection Committee for completion of the Round, the Challenger(s) will automatically progress to the next Round.

  9. Should the Challenger(s) fail to provide the three available dates, the Opponent(s) will automatically go through to the next Round.

  10. Anyone experiencing genuine difficulty in complying with Rule 7 may apply to the Competitions Secretary who has the authority to grant a concession.  Any such application must be made before the declared closing date for completion of the Round and must include a mutually agreed date, not more than ten days following that date.

  11. Under no circumstances should competitors make their own private arrangements to complete a Club Competitiion Final without prior consultation with, and the subsequent approval of, the Competitions Secretary.

  12. Finals Day - which is traditionallyscheduled for the first and/or second week in September - should be fully respected as an important feature of the Club's annual programme.

  13. The Competitions Secretary has the authority the scratch any Competitor(s) who fail(s) to comply with these Rules.

  14. In the case of any dispute between the Competitions Secretary and any competitor(s), the matter will be referred to the Competitions Committee whose decision will be final and binding.

  15. Members' Dress Code standards will apply to all players and markers in all competitions.

(Approved by the Executive Committee – 15th January 2008)